What is Gymonkee?

Gymonkee is a mobile fitness membership that gives you discount access to a network of fitness gyms and studios partners that offer group fitness classes. 

What is Gymonkee?

Gymonkee is a mobile gym membership to a network of Gymonkee gym and studio partners who were cool enough to give you access, through Gymonkee, when you are traveling or when you just want to switch your workout or scene up. Never settle for a hotel gym. Never miss a workout when you’re not at home. Mix it up. Swing in.

How does it work?

After you download the app and login, you will see Gymonkee gym and fitness studio partners near you.  Each gym or fitness studio will have a coin value. After you purchase coins, you will be able to use those coins to book group fitness classes and Swing In.

How do I get coins?

Coins will be available for purchase in the app. You can purchase coins via “Pay as you go” or by selecting one of our Monthly Membership optoins. Before you purchase, ask yourself how often do you like to swing from gym to gym? You can also add coins via “Pay as you go” if your monthly balance is depleted before you next cycle.

Do my coins rollover?

Yes! All of your unused GYMONKEE Coins will rollover into your next monthly cycle. Book group classes with your coins, share your coins with friends, or keep them. It’s your prerogative. 

What are coins & how do I use them?

Think of coins as credits. Coins are required to reserve your spot in any of our partners group fitness classes or gyms.

Why do different gyms have different coin values?

Each gyms sells us passes at different cost. We convert that cost into coins and ensure that you’re saving the maximum amount of money to enjoy that fitness experience.

How many times can I visit a gym partner?

You can visit our gym partners as many times as you would like to, as long as you have coins and you abide by our gym partners’ rules. Rack your weights and be respectful.

What are gym partners?

A gym partner could be a group fitness studio or gym. All of our partners have really cool  experiences that need to be shared with you.

How many cities does Gymonkee have gym partners in?

We’re currently in: Charlotte (NC), Raleigh (NC), Atlanta (GA), Jacksonville (FL), Orlando, Tampa (FL), Dallas (TX), Chicago (IL), Bay Area (CA), London (UK) and growing!

How do I cancel a monthly subscription?

We hate to see you go, but we understand that life happens. Memberships can be cancelled in the app right where you purchased it. Our memberships are not binding and our cancellation process is hassle free.

How do I cancel a class?

Cancelling a class is simple, just go to the booked classes screen in the GYMONKEE app and click cancel. Please keep in mind that all classes cancelled inside of a 12 hour window will be coupled with a $20 fee charged directly to your card on file.

Do I get my coins back when I cancel a class?

Yes, when you cancel a class inside or outside the 12 hour cancellation window.